Consumers today expect a Shopping experience of a special kind, because society is becoming increasingly digital. Inspire your customers with an interactive shopping experience. According to a study 51% the consumer information, advertising & offers, promotions or coupons directly in the store. Measurable marketing without wastage. Your customers now always carry your offers 24/7 with you. Arouse demand and set targeted purchase incentives. From POS to online shopping cart, the path has never been shorter than with Cleverbon.

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of your customers:inside would like coupons, promotions, directly on the Smartphone at the POS

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of consumers choose the Companywhich offers a loyalty program

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of consumers participate in a Loyalty program part

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Win customers and last bind

Increasing sales through loyalty programs

Emotional attachment to your company

Change Customer Life Cycle

Increase purchase frequency

Increase customer satisfaction

Increase shopping cart per customer

The degree of digitization in retail is an indicator of the modernity as well as the future viability of stationary retail. Wherever the customer finds them, the shopping experience has to be right.



Recapture lost market potential! Stationary retailing should once again become a attractive alternative to e-commerce and tap into new customer groups. To do this, it should use the digital potential to make its Sales locations absolutely use. Through interactive shopping experiences and product presentation, the customer can get to know the company, product and its characteristics much better. Intuitive and thus playful engagement with the product allows interest to grow and thus increases the willingness to buy. The customer should have a positive shopping experience of a special kind in the memory.

More users. More engagement. More leads

From digital Scratch ticket, via Wheel of Fortunequizzes and mini-games, use users' devices for digital engagement. For example, our sweepstakes campaigns are suitable for data generation, employer branding and drive-to-store. Plan your seasonal campaigns with us, for example. Easter, Summer Sale, Product Launch, Black-Friday/cyberWeek or Product explanations.

Engage and entertain your target audience with interesting, targeted Contents and Actions - exciting interactive coordinated and linked with valuable Call-to-Actions - to the Customer retention, customer acquisition and Information with versatile Marketing opportunities.