The online receipt: the modern way

New technologies almost always bring change - but also new opportunities. They help us make processes, workflows, tasks and ultimately our lives simpler and more manageable. No one listens to CDs on their Discman anymore, we stream movies and series online at any time, we book appointments on the Internet. In addition to private individuals, companies also benefit from this - and not infrequently our environment as well. In the case of digital receipts even all three.

01.02.2022, Cleverbon

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Receipts help companies to prove income as well as expenses in writing with little effort. Although they can be created manually on receipt pads, as before, this has many disadvantages. They can get lost or broken. Filling them out can lead to errors and takes time. There is also no guarantee against forgery. A modern, uncomplicated alternative is offered by digital receipts


What is an online receipt?

A receipt is a document confirming the receipt of a payment or service. Whether this is issued and transmitted digitally ("e-receipt") or by hand makes no difference. Accounting documents may be archived electronically in Germany. They must contain information on

  • Name and address of the service provider
  • Date of issue
  • The type and quantity of goods delivered or the scope of a service rendered
  • Amount and included tax rate
  • Signature of the payee


Incorrectly issued receipts can be fatal. They are not valid and will not be recognized if these legally required contents are missing. Since no one likes to receive mail from the tax office, it is important to act carefully here. 


Online receipts writing simplifies business

Whereas in the past there were two options for issuing receipts - the classic receipt pad and a separate document on matching stationery - the Digitalisation in the retail trade life easier today. There is a wide range of generic templates on the Internet that can be personalized with just a few mouse clicks. If you want to go one step further, you can also have corresponding templates created by designers. Digital receipts in their own corporate design and according to their own ideas are sometimes an added value that should not be underestimated. They are also far less prone to errors and, if they are, easier to correct. They are filed digitally and make the Accounting easier and clearer. Even after years are Online receipts quick and easy to find, read and check.


Professional appearance in the age of sustainability

Another aspect: issuing electronic receipts makes your company look more professional. If you're not exclusively targeting a group with little digital affinity, or if you're in a traditional trade, you should also consider using electronic receipts. Receipt writing keep up with the times. Your customers want it to be uncomplicated. Whoever wants a digital point of sale there's no getting around it anyway. Due to the reduced need for paper and resources, the Online receipt also under the Sustainability point of view for a positive effect. Less paper is wasted. Since consumers today also increasingly judge companies from an ecological perspective, the e-receipt can make the difference in closely contested business fields. 


Digital receipt Use for advertising

While the above information is mandatory by law, companies are free to add their own content. For example, they can provide the following information as part of the POS marketing be used to communicate discount codes, promotional notices or other advertising messages. So if you anyway have a Write receipt then why not combine them with target group oriented advertising and kill two birds with one stone?

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