How new POS systems create unknown opportunities

How will we shop in the future? Not so easy to answer. New technologies or cryptocurrencies, which are seen by some as a turning point in human history, while others dismiss it as a gimmick, leave room for ideas. They are joined by dystopian scenarios of retail extinction and a life in the metaverse. The topic is particularly exciting when you dare to look back at the last few years. 

01.04.2022, Cleverbon

neue digitale kassensysteme

Cash became more and more superfluous, the possibility to pay contactless, partly even with the smartphone, becomes more and more the rule. But above all digital cash register systems are now de facto standard in the retail and hospitality sectors.


What is a digital POS system?

A digital point of sale system is the next stage of development of the classic cash register devices. Previously operated by analog, then later by electronic cash registers replaces, offer modern cash register systems Today, a bank's functions extend far beyond the mere safekeeping of cash and the issuing of receipts. 


Which cash register systems are allowed?

In fact, users are relatively free to choose their payment system. PC cash registers and classic POS systems are just as permissible as common solutions as mobile terminals. The most important requirement of a new cash register system is the equipment with a safety module, a certified technical safety device (tse). It is also mandatory to have a memory where all individual records are stored for the duration of the legal retention period. Prescribed TSE cash registers since the beginning of 2020. They ensure an unalterable, tamper-proof record of all cash register transactions. This rules out any subsequent editing of cash register data.


No restrictions on the application possibilities

The application possibilities digital cash register systems not only fulfill the legal requirementsbut also make a significant contribution to making everyday business life more manageable. Systems that are linked to inventory management or appointment calendars help to simplify workflows and processes. In the catering or hotel industry, reservation and booking programs can be managed by means of digital interface to the system. This is practical, as it saves time and provides an additional overview. Waiters can see all the relevant information in one system, clearly presented and user-friendly. In stationary retail, this enables new cash register systems smooth processes through to automatic orders based on the company's own sales. The electronic recording systems The system recognizes, for example, what has been sold and how often, and ensures time-efficient replenishment of the company's own warehouse. Integrated as a whole, the system can even provide information on which marketing measures make sense as a basis for the company's own operational planning. Such a new cash register system can therefore be of great help to the retailer, even beyond day-to-day business operations.


New requirements, new POS system

We live in a world in which uniqueness is not only capitalized on, but actively strived for. No two businesses are the same, each with its own USPs, sales and distribution strategies. The target groups are different. This also determines the requirements for a digital point of sale system. If you are in a traditional industry and have a rather conservative target group, you will have a hard time getting your electronic cash register systems without the option of processing cash payments. For other companies or restaurants that appeal to a younger or more digitally affine target group, the option of using a cash payment system is also an option. Mobile Payment offer an absolute must criterion. Just then you can also opt for a iPad as cash register system decide. Such a iPad cash register can be achieved with appropriate software that meets the requirements of the certified technical safety devices can be used as a straightforward solution. The intuitive operation of the tablet shortens the onboarding process and makes the application uncomplicated. All revenues and sales are synchronized within a cloud, and can be accessed regardless of time and place. 


An end to mountains of paper

One of the main arguments for new technologies and the Digitalisation in the retail trade, making life and everyday business easier, is particularly evident at this point. Digital checkout systems in the retail trade make haptic, paper-based and, in the sense of the Sustainability extremely questionable cash register receipts superfluous. Although the regulation already mentioned in the BMF letter stipulates that a receipt must be issued for (almost) every transaction, but the form - haptic or electronic, for example - is left up to the merchants. Modern cash register systems are able to output the receipts, for example, via a QR code that the customer can download. For their own needs, all transactions are recorded as digital basic recording saved. Everyday life is made easier and at the same time you act as a company gobd-compliant. An additional advantage is the DATEV export for the tax consultant, which makes the preparatory accounting  noticeably easier. And of course, sustainability is another big argument in favor of modern checkout systems without paper receipts. After all, 150 million trees are felled every year just to end up in the trash as receipts. Also the Thermal paper coatingThe paper used to print the common sales slips is sometimes harmful to the environment.


Digital advertising at the point of sale

But it's not just the form of the invoice that's affected - the ordinance is also surprisingly relaxed when it comes to the design of the receipt. Only a few elements are mandatory, such as the date of issue and the invoice amount including taxes. What is included in addition is left to the discretion of the retailers. In practice, this often results in receipts up to half a meter long, even if only 4 items are purchased. The basic idea behind this is to make one's own sales slip available for the POS marketing is promising, but digitally it's a lot easier. For example, customers get a personal discount codea voucher or other content about it. Also the reference to new products, instructions and recipes or background information about the own company as well as the products are possibilities. Of course, you can also send customers to your own online presence or to the online store.


Bringing digitization to life for retailers

Because it is irrefutable that the shopping experience is shifting more and more into the digital world. Therefore, a connection of the electronic cash register to a Online store increasingly in demand. Today's customers no longer shop only online or offline, but across channels. Modern cash register systems in the retail trade access the same product master data as the online retail checkout system. This means that companies can sell the same products online and in stores without any additional effort. Inventory levels are also automatically reconciled. The convergence of analog and digital point of sale is a great opportunity to improve the customer experience and increase your own sales. Newsletters promote promotions at the point of sale, click & collect merges the digital and analog worlds. But even if you don't have a Online store digital possibilities can be used to electronic cash register systems can be used. Algorithms in the background recognize which products have been bought in combination conspicuously often and issue personalized product recommendations. E-commerce has long been familiar with this, but brick-and-mortar retail can also do this thanks to modern cash register systems use for themselves. 

How we will shop tomorrow is truly difficult to predict. Where some see a pool of dystopia and innovation, others look forward to surfing the perfect wave on the sea of digital possibilities. Experience shows that new technologies and changing conditions always offer new opportunities. Those who are willing to embrace them will still be able to offer their own customers the best possible shopping experience tomorrow. If you want to learn how CLEVERBON can help you take advantage of digital opportunities at the point of sale today, get in touch with us today. Contact us on. 

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