Assuming social responsibility through sustainable marketing

From an economic, ecological and social point of view, green marketing is becoming increasingly interesting for companies in their marketing strategy. If we look at this aspect from the perspective of social responsibility, companies can generate trust through corporate social responsibility, which also increases the awareness of the company. 

In this article we would like to take a closer look at how this can be achieved. 

01.10.2021, Cleverbon

Nachhaltiges Marketing im Einzelhandel

What is sustainable marketing anyway and how does it increase trust in a company? 

The younger generation in particular is paying more attention to sustainable consumption. Today, 33 percent of people consciously choose sustainable products or companies in general, where the topic of sustainability plays an important role. The social goals of a company must credibly include a sustainable corporate culture for the consumer, and green marketing is a very important part of this. 

Sustainable marketing does not consist of greenwashing, where the potential customer is only led to believe that the company is sustainable, but rather of concrete procedures and actions that credibly underline the sustainable development and also the sustainable actions of a company. 


What does modern marketing have to do with sustainability? 

If you communicate sustainable management as a company in your online marketing methods, this will lead to successful campaigns, as the willingness is shown here to look after the environment on a larger scale. Sustainability and environmental protection to take care of. 

In the advertising measures, whether online or offline, potential losses can be counteracted by the aspect of sustainability. Integrating sustainable products or methods into the marketing mix gives the organisation a better image in the long term, which can also significantly improve sales. 

Methods of sustainable online marketing can be multifaceted. The important thing here is that the company's behaviors are actually close to reality. Emphasizing the sustainability of the company in marketing and ultimately not selling sustainable products can be extremely damaging to the company's reputation. 

Even if companies have previously fallen into disrepute, a focus on sustainability can increase the relevance and demand for products or services again. Thus, an ecological footprint, for example through sustainable production, is an essential component of economic success.


How can companies assume social responsibility and still sell their products and services profitably? 

Companies that are truly sustainable have no problem being transparent and making clear statements. The real sticking point that leads to a company having profitable financial statements "in spite of" sustainability is part of the fact that the charitable idea must also fit with one's own brand. 

Responsible engagement should be compatible with the company so that trust is created through transparent communication. 

Showing initiative even without branding campaigns has a positive impact on a company's credibility. 


Social and environmental sustainability marketing - an insight

An example of sustainable marketing for many companies is giving. Cause Related Marketing (CRM) involves the principle of giving something to those in need per purchase. For example, the Krombacher brand has created one square meter of rainforest per crate. The Share brand cooperates with World Hunger Aid, communicates this openly and clearly, and accordingly the consumer knows exactly where the money he invests in the brand goes. 

The social and ecological responsibility assumed by the companies listed as examples remains positive in the minds of consumers. 

Thus, individuals, especially the younger generation, are more likely to choose a company and also its products if the organization not only accepts the possibility of making losses through sustainable engagement, but even takes on the responsibility that every other one of us should also take on for the sake of our environment. 

The increasing Digitization enables further measures to be taken. For example, the environmentally harmful The obligation to provide receipts in the retail trade is also a possibility for.


Is your business truly sustainable? 

Sustainable marketing is not just about communicating to the outside world that the company has just acted sustainably within a campaign, but rather the entire corporate structure, which can be related to this. 

How does your company handle important resources, how does the company operate and which production chains correspond to a sustainable basic idea?

If you don't find answers to these questions and would rather just jump on the current sustainability marketing trend, this can be a pitfall that can affect the entire image of the organization. 

If you want to act sustainably with your company and take on social responsibility in the big picture, the organization has the opportunity to show this to the outside world as well. If the company optimizes energy consumption as well as material consumption, starts recycling or donates to those in need with every sale, this flows into the corporate philosophy. The entire production process is aligned with this over time. This in turn creates a high economic value. 

Sustainable marketing and also sustainable business of an organization changes it within its basic structure and this opportunity is not just for startups. 

If this is the case, the company does not need to defend its position to the extent that it wishes to lecture others. 

Transparency and authenticity are better received by potential customers, because this is where the sustainable sense of the company becomes clear in the first place. 


Sustainable marketing in retail

How can retailers practice sustainable marketing? A massive polluter is the till receipts. With a changeover to digital receipts and digital POS marketing solutions not only eliminate environmentally harmful resources, but also enable a green marketing opportunity. Additional ecological certificates confirm the concept of sustainable marketing. Calculate now how high your Sustainability potential in the retail sector is.

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