Advertise successfully with geomarketing

"I know half my advertising is money thrown out. I just don't know which half." - For years, this sentence by Henry Ford pretty much hit the core problem of marketing: how to measure the success of measures and campaigns? How do you know that the target audience is really taking notice of the messages and being inspired to buy? Geomarketing is the solution that digitalization offers to this challenge. Modern software uses internal company data and creates spatial analyses that make it possible to address the target group efficiently. How does this work in practice?

20.05.2021, Cleverbon

Mit Geomarketing erfolgreich am POS werben

What is geomarketing?

Markets can be analyzed according to spatial factors - thanks to digitalization. Exactly that makes Geomarketing. The aim is to be able to plan product sales more effectively and to make marketing measurable. The method serves as a supplement to the classic marketing mix consisting of product, price, distribution and communication and specifically addresses the regional component. In this way, areas are defined in which the target group spends time and the potential for successful campaigns is increased. Only those who spend time in a particular location become recipients of the marketing messages. 

Efficient target group approach with minimal wastage

The increasing globalization and the ongoing digital transformation increase competition. If you want to be successful, you have to use your potential and, above all, not act - or advertise - inefficiently. In an ideal marketing world, only people who are receptive to marketing measures will see them. And of course they all buy the product or service. Geomarketing makes this ideal world a bit of a reality. The key is to know your target group. Thus, the method uses data that is becoming increasingly important and provides information about where the target group is (when). Those who do not qualify as customers on the basis of the data are not even approached. Measures can be rolled out to cities, neighbourhoods or perhaps even just individual streets (or districts) using regionally different parameters - in compliance with data protection, of course. Often, it is precisely those who are at the point of sale or in the immediate vicinity of it who are interesting. 

Geomarketing at the point of sale

Customers can be informed about sales or promotions by means of geomarketing, for example. People can also be attracted with discounts. As soon as someone within a radius of 100 or 200 meters of the point of sale (PoS), he gets the information, perhaps a discount code, on his mobile phone. Since he is in the immediate vicinity of the store anyway, he doesn't really have to make a detour. The customer is happy that he has received the corresponding offer and satisfies his need. Thus, own sales can be increased by targeted purchase incentives. Upselling can also be achieved through Geomarketing Methods stimulate: If the customer is already in the store anyway, then he often takes another item with him. 

Analyze existing distribution networks

Using geomarketing software, users make informed business decisions that are not limited to the "promotion" point in the marketing mix. The method also helps identify potential markets and plan product sales more effectively. For example, users of the geographic information system are able to put their own sales in relation to data in the surrounding area and identify potential. The maximization of regional market exploitation is the basis for success even in competitive markets. 

Kick-starting the digital marketing transformation with CLEVERBON

"If you don't move with the times, you have to move with the times." This, admittedly rather striking saying, certainly has its raison d'être. Henry Ford also recognized this and, despite successful sales figures, kept bringing new models to the market and adapting to changing circumstances. The company still exists today. While today, of course, new models or collections are always commonplace, many companies stick to tried and tested marketing methods. But here, too, a lot is changing. Analogue was yesterday - anyone who is not digital is missing the boat - and has to move with the times. CLEVERBON helps you with the digital transformation of your marketing and offers you new possibilities with smart features such as geomarketing. Use the potential of data, benefit from upselling and increase your sales simply and efficiently. sustainable your turnover. If you want to learn more about how CLEVERBON helps you to successfully address your target group with geomarketing, contact us with pleasure.