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There's no doubt that our lives are becoming increasingly digital. Streaming platforms are turning series marathons into a popular sport, and we order food via smartphone - just like almost everything else nowadays. It's hardly surprising that the Market volume of e-commerce increases year by year. Those who operate analog business spaces and rely on personal customer contact don't have it easy. Nevertheless, the stationary trade not bury its head in the sand, but must take advantage of the opportunities that present themselves. Properly applied, can especially Retail marketing be the key to success.

01.03.2022, Cleverbon

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The outlook for stationary retail is not rosy, competition from the World Wide Web is fierce. A rethink and appropriate measures are indispensable, that much is clear. Especially with Marketing measures can the retail trade remain fit for the future and withstand the onslaught of e-commerce. Some seek their salvation in a relentless price war, others break records in the advertising triathlon: good, cool, cheap. However, a strategic approach is truly effective, starting with the question: "What do customers want in retail?". The shopping experience, the personal consultation, the possibility of certain products to try, to taste, to feel - online stores can't offer all that. So even if online retail makes a lot of things easier, there are definitely points that speak for retail. And killer arguments that have always been used as the unassailable advantages of digital sales areas no longer turn out to be unique selling points at all upon closer examination. 


Being where the target group is

Even the most brilliant marketing tactics are not effective, will be potential customers and customers are not picked up where they are. And nowadays, this is increasingly the case in the digital world. Meaning: The stationary retail cannot do without an online presence. In particular, a presence in social media is one of them - even without an online store. They are a cost- and time-saving option, Online marketing to operate and interact with their own target group. Many stores and boutiques have displays with simple signs asking customers to follow their Instagram or Facebook account. These Social media profiles can be used to promote new products, give followers a look behind the scenes (=branding), or create loyalty with competitions. However, stationary retailers should not shift everything to the Internet. Flyers, brochures and outdoor advertising are still good ways to increase awareness. A beautifully designed shop window is also suitable for attracting customers into the store.


Awaken the interest

Also on Point of Sale sweepstakes are a great opportunity to boost sales. As part of the POS marketing participants receive a personalized code. This code can either be redeemed directly in the store or leads to the company's website. In this way, digital and analog channels merge in a stringent manner. Digital receipts lead customers to the company's own website or to the registration form for the newsletter, even without a competition. There, they are later made aware of promotions again or, for example, receive a personal discount code that can be redeemed in the store. This in turn generates new leads and thus potential new customers. 


It won't work without digitization

One thing should be clear to everyone by now at the latest: Those who continue as before will find it difficult to hold their own against the market power of online retail. True to the motto "If you don't move with the times, you have to move with the times", the Digitisation of the retail trade a must. Fortunately, there are a few ways to do this - some don't even cost a lot of money. People are increasingly using tools like Google and TripAdvisor to find and discover businesses in their area. Small retail businesses in particular should make these part of their own Retail marketing and increase their own visibility there. Email marketing is relatively straightforward and implemented without much difficulty. One of the best ways to attract more visitors to your store is to place location-based ads. Geo-Marketing even goes one step further. People who are in a certain area receive offers on their smartphone via push notifications. This happens, for example, when he or she is in the immediate vicinity of the store. This Marketing measure in retail trade can be ideally combined with discount codes or other sales promotions, just like the newsletter. 


Beating e-commerce with its own weapons

Personalized purchase recommendations, previously one of the USPs (unique selling proposition) of e-commerce, can be used in retail. Algorithms in the background recognize which products are conspicuously often bought in combination and issue personalized product recommendations. Customers receive the recommendation on their smartphone directly after completing the purchase. Artificial intelligence can therefore also be used in stationary retail. Of course, the measure is most efficient if the link goes to the company's own online store. If a customer orders the recommended article, he or she can pick it up on site via Click & Collect. This process thus manages to link the digital world with the analog world and give people both the convenience of the Online trading as well as the Shopping experience of the stationary trade. A digital point of sale is an advantage, but not an obligation. But even those who do not have an online product catalog benefit from Product recommendations based on artificial intelligence. This is because the proposals offer enormous potential for cross-selling and upselling. 

Above all, the seamless combination of online and offline retailing is the solution to fully satisfying consumer needs - no matter where the starting point lies. There are many approaches to putting this into practice. At CLEVERBON, we are dedicated to making the opportunities that digitization brings to retail accessible to all. Regardless of size or industry, we'll help you get there, Marketing measures in the retail trade and thus benefit from more Sustainability and future-proof processes. If you would like to know how we can specifically support you and your company, please contact us today. Contact us on. 

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