Checking the cash register - retail and in private households

Everyday work in the retail sector is associated with a multitude of challenges and obligations. Especially when it comes to documentation and accounting, retailers are confronted with strict requirements. For example the Receipt obligation or the obligation to make a To take a look at the cash. But what exactly is it all about and how does it work?

15.03.2022, Cleverbon

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What does it mean to "take a look at the cash register"?

In simplified terms Take a look at the cash register another term for counting one's money or income. The purpose of this measure is to check the correctness of one's cash management and to get an overview of the (daily) income. This serves in the context of the preparatory accounting as a necessary measure to process the actual accounting in a compliant manner. In today's linguistic usage, however, private individuals also use the term to obtain an overview of income and expenditure. Above all, this is carried out before a major purchase. 


How do I do a cash audit?

In the retail trade, all receipts for the day are added up when the cash register is checked. The change contained at the beginning of the day and any other expenses are then deducted from this amount. If a shift system is used, for example in the catering industry, it is advisable to always carry out a cash check immediately after the end of the shift. To take a look at the cash


Go digital and simplify your life

Modern software solutions make many things easier. In stationary retail, for example, the days when all receipts were accounted for manually - and extremely error-prone - with a piece of paper and pen are over. The Digitization has a big impact on the retail has made its way into the market. Apps and programs on the computer simplify the determination of the amount and drastically reduce the probability of errors. Logically, the cash audit becomes even easier when cash payments are dispensed with entirely. All receipts are made digitally. 


The digital receipt

But retailers can go one step further in terms of digitization and make life even easier for themselves, but also for their own customers. Set up a digital receipt out, even more waste can be saved, from Sustainability view an important factor. For companies, the cost savings from the conversion is 80 %.


Point of sale advertising

Since January 1, 2020, retailers in Germany have been obliged to hand over a receipt to the customer for every transaction. The only difference is that it is not prescribed how this is to be done. So paperless is also possible. Digital cash register receipts meet the requirements for certified technical Safety devices (TSE) and offer space to add additional items besides those required by law. So why not make a virtue out of necessity and use the Receipt with advertising provided? Quasi Marketing at the point of sale, only completely without wastage. Discount codes, product notes or promotions, or simply friendly messages that give customers a positive feeling after the purchase are possibilities for retailers. 

Both the To take a look at the cash as well as the issuing of sales receipts are mandatory for retailers. However, both can also be simplified using digital options and sometimes even used profitably. It is therefore also worthwhile in stationary retail to see digitization as an opportunity and thereby create competitive advantages.

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