Digitize your receipt: 6 advantages for companies

Whether via an app or QR codes, digital receipts are being used in more and more areas of retail. For good reason. Because they not only save costs and resources, but also simplify the lives of retailers. But consumers also benefit from receiving receipts directly on their cell phones. 

03.01.2022, Cleverbon

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Anyone who buys something from a stationary retailer is prayerfully handed a receipt every time they complete the process. It doesn't matter whether it's a supermarket, a clothing store, a pharmacy or the bakery around the corner. But only very few people want it, and virtually no one needs it. However, the receipt has been mandatory since the introduction of the cash register receipt requirement.

What is not prescribed, however, is in what form this must be done. And so many companies - from the flower store around the corner to the international fashion house - are already taking advantage of the opportunity to use digital receipts. Across a wide range of industries, cash register receipts offer Digitisation of the retail trade among others, the following advantages:


  • Lower costs

Although you might think that the raw materials used for paper receipts don't add up to large amounts, it does. Small businesses in particular quickly feel the sometimes significant additional costs for paper, printing and disposal. Digitizing the receipt prevents these additional expenses and ultimately leaves bricks-and-mortar retailers with more money than before the introduction of the receipt requirement. The savings are up to 80 %.


  • Sustainable use of resources

Analyses suggest that almost all receipts end up in the trash directly at the point of sale. This is anything but sustainable and a thorn in the side of a public that is critical of companies' use of resources. Purchasing decisions are increasingly made on the basis of ecological and moral considerations - or not. Today, companies that use digital vouchers can positively differentiate themselves from the competition in terms of Sustainability sell. Tomorrow, the companies that do not yet do so will discredit themselves. 


  • Compliant with the receipt requirement

Many companies must or have had to deal with the Introduction of the cash receipt obligation change over their own POS system one way or the other. So why not digitize the receipt at the same time and easily comply with the legal requirements? By the way, this also noticeably shortens the preparatory bookkeeping.


  • Modern marketing opportunities

The challenge of reaching one's own target group is familiar to both online and brick-and-mortar retailers. But where the retailer from the pedestrian zone has only a limited framework of possibilities, the digital colleague has almost the complete advertising arsenal open to him. Digitizing the receipt, however, can make up for this disadvantage from the retailer's point of view; the receipt becomes a marketing weapon. Customers receive information on promotions and discounts, customer-specific purchase recommendations are transmitted by means of artificial intelligence, and a digital wheel of fortune and other competitions are just a mouse click away. This POS Marketing thus offers enormous potential for upselling

However, the advantages offered by digital receipts do not only benefit retailers. Consumers also benefit from the timely measure in the form of   


  • Additional information

Increasing awareness of one's own diet or production conditions are leading customers to increasingly question goods. The digital receipt provides background information in an uncomplicated and easily accessible way. In the case of allergies or food intolerances, customers can find out directly at the touch of a button whether the product can be consumed. And thanks to the listed ingredients, you can monitor your own diet.


  • More overview with the budget book

Customers who previously took their receipts with them no longer have to worry about them becoming illegible or getting lost. Digitized, their own finances can be managed simply and easily. If required, all payments can still be viewed years later. This documentation is also extremely helpful in the event of warranty claims or recalls, as the digitized receipt can be easily retrieved. 


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