Digital wheel of fortune - the effect of POS sweepstakes

Who doesn't like winning a lottery? Winning something gives us a (more or less) intense feeling of happiness. Children have been standing at the lottery booths at fairgrounds for generations, "Who Wants to be a Millionaire?" has been on TV since 1999, and the first drawing of the lottery numbers has been around since 1955.

Therefore, how great the attraction is to people has not escaped the notice of advertisers. Companies use gambling for different purposes. Online, for example, there is a digital wheel of fortunebut also other forms of POS sweepstakes are a win-win situation for both sides.  

01.12.2021, Cleverbon

Digitales Glücksrad und POS Gewinnspiele

A proven concept

The battle for customers at the point of sale (POS) is not a phenomenon that has only existed since the triumph of online retailing. POS Marketing and sales promotions have been around longer than most of us realize. Sure, the measures have stood the test of time. And even if a digital point of sale for example, does not offer trial tastings, many measures established in the analogue world can be transferred to the digital one.

A POS competition, for example a digital wheel of fortune, is one of the most obvious and uncomplicated possibilities. Other possibilities are raffles or quizzes. But what makes a POS competition successful?


Digital wheel of fortune - the advantages are obvious

The prospect of winning without having to invest or wager anything themselves is an enticement that few people can resist. Winning on an online wheel of fortune subsequently prompts winners to cash in their winnings, even if they hadn't necessarily planned to make a purchase. The offer is too good and the prospect of making a bargain too great.

But there's another reason why POS sweepstakes are so successful. Most people's attention spans are short - far shorter than when William Procter & James Gamble were still single-handedly pulling furrows in the dewy consumer field with a marketing plow. To reach the target group (and more importantly: to encourage them to buy), you have to entertain and involve them.

In the context of POS promotion, it is important to design content interactively. Everything where you don't have to concentrate for a long time, but can act independently without thinking much, works on the net.

This applies to all people, regardless of whether they are on the Internet for entertainment purposes, privately searching for information or professionally surfing the net. Companies that create a wheel of fortune generate a positive effect on the target group and arouse interest. In addition, the costs are manageable, the use of resources virtually zero ... #Sustainability. But there is another advantage. 


Leads, leads, leads

Fewer and fewer customers are still buying everything they need in bricks-and-mortar stores. Much is shifting to the digital world. The Digitalisation in the retail trade is noticeable, a rethinking of the customer approach is necessary. Leads, the gasoline in the engine of new customer acquisition, are the foundation of future profits today.

If you have the contact data of your target group in your own CRM system and are allowed to actively promote it, you are in a good position. Like a pump of oil, a digital wheel of fortune can ceaselessly unearth new leads. With the prospect of prizes such as discounts, free delivery or priority on limited products, website visitors should be encouraged to try their luck.

The prize won can then of course be redeemed directly in the online shop. All that is required to participate is contact information. Companies can also conduct market research with sweepstakes: The participant fills out a questionnaire - including his or her own contact details, of course - and in return receives a corresponding prize. Companies are able to obtain valuable information from the feedback of the raffle participants and make well-founded business decisions on the basis of this information. 

If you are looking for a way to generate leads and at the same time encourage website visitors to buy, you should definitely use a POS competition. Ideally, you even get suggestions for improving your own business, with little effort and even less cost. Of course, the measure is not applicable to every product or every industry (equally), but for the broad mass of companies, the potential is huge.

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