The shopping experience for your
Customers of today and tomorrow.

QR code scan

QR code on the checkout display

Marketing at the POS

Simply enter the QR code with your smartphone or take a photo of it and save the receipt digitally save digitally in the app.
The receipt as QR code on the POS display or terminal and offer the customer anonymously and without an app
Personalized or generic advertising message directly directly on the receipt and reach the customer at the reach the customer at the point of sale

Innovative data system

Know your Customer - target your advertising according to the needs and preferences of your customers

Available offline

Can be used anytime and anywhere, even without a permanent internet connection 

Marketing at the POS

Set precise and targeted customer loyalty measures. Increase customer loyalty and offer your customers an inspiring shopping experience. 


Digital receipt

The digital receipt gives your company an unprecedented dimension at the POS. Receipt, marketing tool and mobile payment in one process = "All in One", it also saves valuable resources. High profitability and immediate savings of up to 80% for the purchase of paper receipts.

Digital value-added programs

Customer loyalty of the future already takes place on the smartphone of your customers. Therefore, it will be a decisive competitive advantage to interact with your customers on the move and to offer customer loyalty programs such as loyalty cards, competitions and vouchers digitally.

mobile payment solution

The fastest and easiest way of mobile payment solution for your business. Speed up the checkout process, avoid queues at the tills, do without change and cash supply. Contactless, hygienic, fast and above all secure!

Warranty management and reminder

active aftersales and customer service

GEO - Marketing

automated by push messages

Digital receipt

also with interactive functions

Targeted offers

targeted product recommendations


up to 80% savings on paper receipts

Environmentally neutral

substantial conservation of resources

Uncomplicated connection

compatible with commercially available cash register systems

Offline Available

No internet connection necessary

cross- / up-selling

depending on purchasing behaviour and history

Smart customer loyalty

through loyalty program