Interactive POS marketing has never been easier.
With the CLEVERBON you offer your customers smart features for a completely new digital shopping experience. Your customer receives the receipt directly at the Point-Of-Sale on their smartphone. This way the receipt can be used for the first time as an interactive marketing tool at the POS. Reward your customers with loyalty solutions for smart customer retention and achieve a new dimension of digital marketing in stationary retail.

The CLEVERBON is compatible with the standard cash register systems of any industry.

How important is your customer to you?
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Very important

Let's talk about how positive digital POS marketing can be for your customers.


Very good! Then let's discuss the next steps on how you can create real added value for your customers.


Before you lose touch with the market, don't we want to talk to each other?

Bye paper drop.

The point of sale of the future is here.

Stationary goes online

Digitisation makes it possible - with our QR Code tool, stationary retailers can for the first time direct their customers directly to their "online presence" without media discontinuity and detours. The smartKassenbon stands for innovation and sustainability. Paper receipts contaminated with pollutants are a thing of the past; digital, environmentally neutral receipts with attraction and interaction are the future in retail.

After the purchase is before the purchase. Is there a better solution than cross- and/or up-selling directly at the point of sale? We make the digital receipt your best seller: 24/7 in use, never in a bad mood, always friendly and courteous, never on holiday or indisposed. Which company can do without such an employee in these days?

The digital future has begun

What kind of advertising does your customer actually want?

To always hit the nerve of the time in advertising requires flexibility. But does retail really take its customers seriously? To mistreat consumers with advertising that they absolutely don't want means huge sums of advertising money for companies. In addition, it gives the company a bad image and the product sticks negatively to the consumer. Let's take the consumer's message seriously and consider his wishes: 51% of consumers want information, advertising such as offers, promotions, coupons etc. directly in the store! We have understood the customer and created a marketing instrument for the trade which puts "costs and benefits" into a healthy relationship for companies.

Customer Attraction Marketing

We took the opinion survey on the subject of "What kind of advertising does the customer want" as an opportunity to look into the subject in depth and to develop solutions for the retail trade. Continuing to shoot with "guns on sparrows" is certainly the wrong approach. Offer your customers a shopping experience of a special kind. Because "if you don't keep up with the times, you keep up with the times". (Schiller) Therefore, use the marketing tool with which you can effectively and future-oriented retain satisfied regular customers.


Making opportunities and potentials visible - with a GEO marketing tool made to measure.

You will be surprised what your addresses have to tell! Minimize your wastage, locate your target groups and new customers with pinpoint accuracy and plan locations in a targeted and, above all, more effective manner. Inform your customers automatically about your latest offers or top news about your company as soon as they are near your branches. Set targeted buying incentives and thus encourage further purchases. Or give your customers a special kind of appreciation, for example by sending them a personalized discount code via "push message".

Every business is an online business

Customers trust online brands

80% of consumers lose confidence in businesses if online information is not available or not sufficiently available.

Customers research online

90% of consumers go online to research before making offline purchases. Guide customers specifically to your offers.

Customers expect more than a website

Customers are 77% more likely to buy from brands that make a sustained effort for them. Customer loyalty pays off.

Targeted GEO marketing promises new market
potential and customers

Do not carelessly leave prospective buyers to the competition in the future

We create the digital POS!  

Analogue was yesterday who is digital is
missing the connection


Why print receipts when you can do it digitally?

With the CLEVERBON you offer your customers in the age of digitalisation the possibility to receive the receipt digitally and therefore environmentally neutral. The digital version saves resources and avoids mountains of senseless paper waste.

The digital receipt and the legislator

The CLEVERBON stands for innovation and sustainability and is therefore the ideal solution for the obligation to issue receipts. The receipts are 100% legally compliant and fulfil all the requirements for a receipt.

Interactive receipts enhance the shopping experience

With the CLEVERBON we have developed a powerful marketing tool. Among other things, coupons or promotions can be configured interactively and individually, and can be played out digitally and personalised at the POS via the receipts.

Intelligent document management for your customers


Paper chaos is a thing of the past, your customers have the possibility to store all receipts digitally on their smartphones. So the customer always has a complete overview. The warranty reminder is another useful feature of the smart sales slip.



Personalized customer approach

After the purchase is before the purchase! Use smart coupons directly at the POS, because individual discounts or products can be specifically tailored to the customer's buying behaviour.

Digitize customer brochures

Your customer brochures also go online, so your customer always carries your advertising message with them. This not only saves considerable costs, but also helps our environment.


Couponing campaigns

Compared to local campaign offers, digital coupons increase redemption rates many times over, allowing you to exploit the full potential of couponing for customer retention.

Connecting Cashback functions

Optionally, the standard cashback functions can also be connected. This allows certain products and manufacturer discounts to be advertised. The customer receives his points automatically as usual.


Inspire people for your company

Evaluate movements along the touchpoints and control personalised campaigns without wastage to the right target group. In this way, you increase conversion and also strengthen customer loyalty to your company.

Cross- and up-selling potential

Generate additional sales automatically at the POS through a targeted cross- and up-selling strategy. Pick up the customer when they are in the mood to buy. In the meantime, it is nothing new that existing customers are more valuable than new customers.


In this way, you create targeted incentives for the customer to deal with the offer in a playful way, so that they spend more time with it and, above all, with your company.

Below-the-Line Marketing

Due to the surprise effect, BTL advertising offers a lot of potential to attract the attention of future customers. Nevertheless, a clear definition of the target group as well as the corporate image is absolutely essential.


100 % Contactless


The first "All in One" payment solution for retailers at the point of sale. Enable your customers to use the complete contactless & hygienic check-out at the cash desk: receipt, couponing, loyalty, payment! All processes summarized on the customer's smartphone.


High added value for companies

The mobile payment solution from CLEVERBON for retailers, without additional expensive hardware. The customer receives everything clearly arranged on his smartphone. How easy is that? smartKassenbon makes it possible. Service reinvented.


Digitize Payment plus


Soon you will be able to offer your customers another "highlight". Then your POS will become a true customer service center. We turn your point of sale or cash register into a free ATM for your customers, - without minimum turnover and purchase obligation. Do not miss the connection.


Visionary Features - Visionary development team

Our app developers

All advantages at a glance

Digitization makes it possible. Put an end to paper chaos - environmentally neutral document management, very simple, clear, always ready to hand and up-to-date. 

Digital receipt

also with interactive functions

Environmentally neutral

significant resource saving

Cross- / Up-Selling

depending on purchasing behaviour and history

Smart customer retention

through loyalty program

Warranty management and reminder

active after-sales and customer service

Digitize Payment

All-In-One Lösung comming soon

100% compliant with tax authorities

therefore absolutely legally secure


up to 80% savings on paper receipts

Targeted offers

targeted product recommendations

GEO – Marketing

automated by push messages

Uncomplicated connection

Compatible with commercially available cash register systems

The environment concerns us all
Do receipts still have to be printed on contaminated thermal paper these days? We believe that this is a thing of the past! By making a conscious decision in favour of the digital CLEVERBON you are making an active contribution to environmental protection. We stand for sustainability, don't you?

2-4 receipts per person

is the average consumption of thermal paper per day.

About 58 million litres of water

is the annual consumption for the production of thermal paper.

About 150 million trees

are cleared annually worldwide for the production of thermal paper.

Over 10 million tons of waste

are produced annually worldwide using thermal paper.

Thisis how easy it is to use a CLEVERBON

There are three different ways to use the digital receipt.


Simply scan or photograph the QR code with your smartphone and digitally store the receipt directly in the app.

QR code on the cash register display

Display the receipt as a QR code on the POS display or terminal and offer it to the customer anonymously and without an app.

Digitize Payment

Digital receipts, marketing tool and payment in one. Link and activate means of payment. Digital, contactless and hygienic payment.
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